JAG is a military drama about lawyers serving in the Navy's Judge Advocate General Corps that debuted on TV on September 23, 1995 on NBC.

JAG's pilot episode starred David James Elliott as Lieutenant Harmon Rabb, Junior and Andrea Parker as his partner, Lieutenant (j.g.) Caitlin Pike. By the second episode, Lieutenant Pike was replaced with Lieutenant (j.g.) Meg Austin, played by Tracey Needham. Halfway through the season, supporting characters were added in the form of Admiral AJ Chegwidden, played by John M. Jackson, and Commander Allison Krennick, played by Andrea Thompson.

At the end of the 1995-1996 television season NBC canceled JAG. In the scramble for other networks to pick up the show, CBS came out on top. CBS added JAG to its mid-season schedule. JAG spent the remainder of its run at CBS, primarily on Tuesday evenings. The show was moved to Fridays in the ninth season (Sept. 2003), and many fans believe this move had a hand in JAG's demise. More...

All ten seasons of JAG are now available on DVD.


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