Daytime Carrier Qualifications

Welcome aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72). Lincoln is currently engaged in local 'carqual' (carrier qualification) operations with the 3rd Fleet off the California coast, and today's your lucky day. You'll be making a day trap in an F-14A Tomcat belonging to VF-213, the Black Lions. No sweat, the weather's 'CAVU' (clear air, visibility unlimited), and besides, the boat's easily within range of a divert airfield if you really botch it.

You check with the squadron ops officer for the final details on your flight before heading to the roof. Your call sign is Black Lion 107, launch time 1345. One last gear check -- flight suit, G-suit, survival vest, helmet, kneeboard with illegible yet inspired scribbling on the details of your flight -- wouldn't do to climb into the cockpit naked, you know. Your RIO (Radar Intercept Officer) waits patiently outside the ready room, and the two of you head to the noisy flight deck, where today's flight operations have already commenced.

To the roof... | Abort the flight...