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In January 1997 as JAG began it's second season, gone were Lieutenant Austin and Commander Krennick. Added were Major Sarah MacKenzie, played by Catherine Bell, and Lieutenant (j.g.) Bud Roberts, played by Patrick Labyorteaux. The core cast remained static for the next several years. Love interests were brought in for both Mac and Harm, but when all was said and done, the relationships didn't stand a chance. At the end of season nine, Admiral Chegwidden bid JAG goodbye, and David Andrews stepped in to play Major General Cresswell, the first Marine to serve as the Judge Advocate General.

When the show ended at the end of April of 2005, fans were left with a happy ending and the main characters moving on to new assignments. Harm was offered the position of Force Judge Advocate, Europe, to be stationed in London, England. Mac was offered the position of Commander, Joint Legal Services Southwest, to be stationed in San Diego, California. But as their separation loomed, they finally faced their feelings for one another and Harm proposed. The series finale left us watching the coin that would decide the direction of their future together hanging in mid-air.

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