Active U.S. Aircraft Carriers

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JAG; Commander Harmon Rabb, Junior; Colonel Sarah MacKenzie

USS Kitty Hawk

JAG Archive: USS Kitty Hawk

CVN 63

USS Enterprise

JAG Archive: USS Enterprise

CVN 65

USS Nimitz

JAG Archive: USS Nimitz

CVN 68

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower

JAG Archive: USS Dwight D. Eisenhower

CVN 69

USS Carl Vinson

JAG Archive: USS Carl Vinson

CVN 70

USS Theodore Roosevelt

JAG Archive: USS Theodore Roosevelt

CVN 71

USS Abraham Lincoln

JAG Archive: USS Abraham Lincoln

CVN 72

USS George Washington

JAG Archive: USS George Washington

CVN 73

USS John C. Stennis

JAG Archive:USS John C. Stennis

CVN 74

USS Harry S Truman

JAG Archive: USS Harry S Truman

CVN 75

USS Ronald Reagan

JAG Archive: USS Ronald Reagan

CVN 76

USS George H. W. Bush

JAG Archive: USS George H. W. Bush

CVN 77

JAG; Lieutenant Bud ROberts; Lieutenant Harriet Sims

All images courtesy the U.S. Navy.