Colored Jerseys

A guide to the colored jerseys worn by the deck crew of an aircraft carrier.

JAG; Commander Harmon Rabb; Colonel Sarah MacKenzie

JAG Archive: Purple Jersey

- Aviation Fuels

JAG Archive: Blue Jersey

- Plane Handlers
- Aircraft Elevator Operators
- Tractor Drivers
- Messengers / Phone Talkers

JAG Archive: Green Jersey

- Catapult / Arresting Gear Crews
- Air Wing Maintenance
- Cargo Handlers
- Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Troubleshooters
- Hook Runners
- Photographer's Mates
- Helo Landing Signal Enlisted Personnel (LSE)

JAG Archive: Yellow Jersey

- Aircraft Handling Officers
- Catapult / Arresting Gear Officers
- Plane Directors

JAG Archive: Red Jersey

- Ordnancemen
- Crash And Salvage Crews
- Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)

JAG Archive: Brown Jersey

- Air Wing Plane Captains
- Air Wing Line Leading Petty Officers

JAG Archive: White Jersey

- Air Wing Quality Control Personnel
- Squadron Plane Inspectors
- Landing Signal Officer (LSO)
- Air Transfer Officers (ATO)
- Liquid Oxygen (LOX) Crews
- Safety Observers
- Medical Personnel

Thanks to Tracy Mallon of the original "Dress Whites and Roses" Web Site for the information and images.