The Judges

Rear Admiral Stiles Morris

Played by Harrison Page

"Heroes" (S2), "Full Engagement" (S2), "The Imposter" (S3), "Act of Terror" (S4), "People vs. Mac" (S4), "Dungaree Justice" (S4), "War Stories" (S4), "Yeah, Baby" (S4), "King of the Greenie Board" (S5), "Life or Death" (S5), "Promises" (S5), "Body Talk" (S5), "Legacy, Part I" (S6), "Family Secrets" (S6), "Miracles" (S6), "Killer Instinct" (S6), "Mixed Messages" (S7), "Dog Robber, Part II" (S7), "First Casualty" (S7), "Family Business" (S8), and "Back in the Saddle" (S9).

Captain Owen Sebring

Played by Corbin Bernson

"The Return" (S5), "Front and Center" (S5), "Mishap" (S5), "People vs. Gunny" (S5), "A Separate Peace, Part II" (S6), "Tribunal" (S7), "Defending His Honor" (S7), and "What If?" (S9).

JAG; Commander Harmon Rabb; Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie

Colonel Blakely

Played by John DeMita

"Jagathon" (S7), "Dog Robber, Part I" (S7), "Code of Conduct" (S7), "Odd Man Out" (S7), "Exculpatory Evidence" (S7), "The Promised Land" (S8), "Dangerous Game" (S8), "Shifting Sands" (S9), "The Boast" (S9), "Good Intentions" (S9), "Take It Like a Man" (S9), ""Hard Time" (S9), "One Big Boat" (S10), and "Fit for Duty" (S10).

Commander Amy Helfman

Played by Jennifer Savidge

"Real Deal Seal" (S5), "Flight Risk" (S6), "The Princess and the Petty Officer" (S6), "Touch and Go" (S6), "Lifeline" (S6), "New Gun in Town" (S7), "Guilt" (S7), "Ambush" (S7), "Answered Prayers" (S7), "The Mission" (S7), "Port Chicago" (S7), "Defending His Honor" (S7), "In Thin Air" (S8), "Complications" (S8), "Empty Quiver" (S8), "The One That Got Away" (S9), "The Boast" (S9), "A Girl's Best Friend" (S9), "Persian Gulf" (S9), "Bridging the Gulf" (S10), and "Unknown Soldier" (S10).

Captain Henry Delario

Played by Kent McCord

"Drop Zone" (S5) and "Overdue and Presumed Lost" (S5). Kent McCord also played Rear Admiral Paul Whelen in the season three episode "With Intent to Die".

JAG; Lieutenant Harriet Sims; Petty Officer 1st Class Coates

Captain Richard Carey

Played by Richard McGonagle

"Pulse Rate" (S9), "Crash" (S9), "Fighting Words" (S9), "Corporate Raiders" (S10), and "Retrial" (S10).

JAG; Commander Harmon Rabb; Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie