Marine Corps Ranks

The 0-# or E-# indicates a pay grade, so Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel would receive the same base pay, however, the Colonel would be a little higher in the ranking food chain. The same goes for Master Seargeant and First Sergeant in the enlisted world.

JAG; Commander Harmon Rabb; Colonel Sarah MacKenzie

Commissioned Officers

O-9 General (Four stars)

O-8 Lieutenant General (Three stars)

O-7 Major General (Two stars)

O-6 Brigadier General (One star)

O-5 Colonel (Silver eagle)

O-5 Lieutenant Colonel (Silver oak leaf)

O-4 Major (Gold oak leaf)

O-3 Captain (Two silver bars)

O-2 First Lieutenant (Single silver bar)

O-1 Second Lieutenant (Single gold bar)

Enlisted Personnel

E-9 Sergeant Major of the Corps

E-9 Sergeant Major

E-9 Master Gunnery Sergeant

E-8 First Sergeant

E-8 Master Sergeant

E-7 Gunnery Sergeant

E-6 Staff Sergeant

E-5 Sergeant

E-4 Corporal

E-3 Lance Corporal

E-2 Private First Class

E-1 Private