Recurring Characters

Lieutenant Harriet Sims

Ensign Harriet Sims, played by Karri Turner, first appeared in season two's "Crossing the Line" episode, as the USS Seahawk's Public Affairs Officer. A few episodes later, Ensign Sims arrived at JAG and she and Bud began thier romance. In season three, Bud and Harriet got married, and thier first child was born approximately a year later. They named him A.J. after the admiral helped Harriet deliver the baby in his office. At the beginning of season six, Harriet suffered a miscarriage. However, by series end, Harriet and Bud rounded out their family with another son, Jimmy, who was born early in season nine, and a set of twins (a boy and a girl) who arrive toward the end of season ten. Harriet got promoted to lieutenant, j.g., in the fourth season episode "Nobody's Child" and full lieutenant in "Lifeline" at the end of season six.

Commander Sturgis Turner

Commander Sturgis Turner, played by Scott Lawrence, joined the JAG crew in season seven's second episode, "New Gun in Town". Sturgis was a submariner for many years, but we never learn how he ended up becoming a lawyer. We did learn that Sturgis and Harm were Academy mates.

Major General Cresswell

Major General Gordon Cresswell, played by David Andrews, came aboard as the first Marine to hold the position as Judge Advocate General in the tenth season episode "A Whole New Ball Game".

JAG; Commander Harm Rabb; Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie

Petty Officer First Class Jennifer Coates

We are first introduced to PO2 Coates, played by Zoe McLellan, in the seventh season Christmas episode "Answered Prayers". After Harm came to her defense and unwittingly turned his charms on her, she decided to get her act together. A few episodes later, we met Coates onboard the USS Seahawk where she served as Bud's legalman. After Bud's accident, Coates finally ends up at JAG HQ in the eight season Christmas episode, "All Ye Faithful", taking over as the admiral's yoeman from Tiner, who left to go to law school and OCS. Coates received her promotion to Petty Officer First Class in the ninth season episode "What If", which was also the series' 200th episode. Coates also took on the role of room mate and surrogate sister to Harm's charge, Mattie.

Mattie Grace Johnson

Mattie Grace Johnson, played by Hallee Hirsh, entered the JAG world in season nine. She owned a struggling crop dusting business and hired Harm on after his departure from the CIA. Once Harm discovered Mattie's true situation, he took her under his wing and eventually took guardianship over her.

Lieutenant Greg Vukovic

Young and brash, Lieutenant Greg Vukovic, played by Chris Beetem, joined the JAG team in mid-season ten, rubbing most everyone the wrong way. Due to David James Elliott's departure from the show, the powers that be felt they needed a new and younger leading man. Many younger fans may have recognised him from the soap opera "As the World Turns".

Big Bud Roberts

Big Bud Roberts, played by Jeff MacKay, was Bud's abusive alcoholic father. We first met Big Bud at Bud and Harriet's wedding in season three. He returned for at least one episode each season, including the season five Christmas episode, "Ghost of Christmas Past". His character became slightly more likable as the seasons progressed.

Midshipman Mike Roberts

Mikey Roberts, played by Michael Bellisario, was Bud's younger brother. He was also introduced to us at Bud and Harriet's wedding. Mikey grew from a young gawky kid to a responsible midshipman at Annapolis. As a side note, the actor played Antonio, the Italian fisherman's son in the very first episode of JAG. He is also the son of Donald P. Bellisario, JAG's creator.