The Harm & Mac Relationship in Pictures

Thanks to Becky at the 'Mac on JAG' site for her permission to appropriate this.

This is a pictorial journal of Harm and Mac's relationship as it's progressed through the seasons.

Season Two ~ It all began with a simple handshake...

We the People

Then came the near kiss...

The Game of Go

Season Three ~ A real kiss, but just who is he kissing?

Death Watch

Season Four ~ No kisses, but a good hug and lots of tears.


Season Five ~ From a quick peck on the cheek...

Front and Center

Now, we're talking! Oh, wait - it's not Harm and Mac. Sorry...

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Season Six ~ From fantasy...

Retreat, Hell reality!


Now, we're finally getting somewhere!

Season Seven ~ Will they start 'back at the beginning'?

Wow, if this is the beginning, I can't wait for the end!

Answered Prayers

Season Eight ~ Well, they're off to a tender start...

Critical Condition

Alas, folied again! It's not really Mac and Harm.

Each of Us Angels

Season Nine ~ They're not off to a tender start this time around.

A Tangles Webb, Part II

Season Ten ~ YEAH! They're finally engaged!

Fair Winds and Following Seas