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Situation Normal: All Fouled Up

Many thanks to Becky from the "Mac on JAG" site for allowing me to appropriate this.

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie

Season One

There are currently no bloopers documented from season one. If you know of any please email Jen.

JAG; Bud Roberts; Harriet Sims

Season Two

We the People ~ When we are first introduced to Tiner, his uniform says he is a Petty Officer 1st class. But he doesn't officially become Petty Officer 1st class until season seven.

Game of Go ~ You can see the camera man in the mirror when Mac almost kisses Harm.

Cowboys and Cossacks ~ When Harm and Grinkov are facing off, the countdown timer behind Grinkov keeps changing... during the scene it goes from three hundred and counting, then the next shot has it in the low seven hundreds; a few shots later, it was much lower again. (From Becky)

Heroes ~ When Harm and Mac are having dinner in his bedroom Mac takes off her jacket twice.

An interesting side note: the music Harm is listening to is the same music we hear him listening to at the end of season one episode "Smoked".

Ghosts ~ When Harm and Bud are at the Graves Registry looking for info on Jack Holford, Harm asks the clerk if there is info in the computer about Commander Harmon Rabb, Sr - his dad was a lieutenant.

Full Engagement ~ At the end, when Harm and Mac are flying, the person in the front of the airplane has a scarf on that is flapping in the wind on the longshot view. In the close up view of Mac, she is not wearing a scarf. (From Nancy)

The Guardian ~ At the end, as they are walking out of the courtroom, Chief Bower is carrying an officer's cover (eagle and shield and goldband). When he gets outside and puts it on, it is a CPO cover (anchor and black band). Also, if he is a CPO with over 10 years, his service stripes and chevrons/rocker should be gold. (From Teri)

Rendezvous ~ Just before we see Bud receiving the fax of the Russian spy pictures, we are told it's 2240 ZULU, which would be 5:40 pm EST, but just as Bud is going to the fax machine, you can see the clock above it says that it is 4:30. (From Becky)

JAG; Rear Admiral Chegwidden; Major General Cresswell

Season Three

Ghost Ship ~ Harm talks to Bud on the phone (right before Webb brought the pizza to Bud) at 0230 ZULU, which is 9:30 pm Eastern and 6:30 pm Pacific. Mac found Harm out cold on the ship at 1100 ZULU, which would be 06:00 am eastern. That works. Unfortunately, that would be 3:00 am in Alameda, CA! This has to be wrong since it is light out when Mac finds Harm. I think they forgot to take the 3 hour time difference into account when they figured out ZULU time. (From Doc)

Against All Enemies ~ AJ says the name of the skipper of as Captain Ray Hubbard and then later on, the skipper of the salvage ship says the captain's first name as Jim. (From Jack)

Above and Beyond ~ The real President Clinton is placing a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. You see he has his wedding ring on. When the actor portraying President Clinton places the Medal of Honor on Lieutenant Rivers, he is not wearing a wedding ring. (From Vicki)

Impact ~ When Harm is on his cell phone at the crash site, his watch kept moving up and down his arm, depending on whether it was a close-up shot, or if they panned back a little.

People vs. Rabb ~ The admiral and Bud walk into the admiral's office after Harm's arrest and you can see the cameras reflection in the glass door.

Defenseless ~ There's sun shine coming through everyone's office windows, except for Mac's where you can see the downpour.

The Impostor ~ Palmer, posing as Harm, reaches in his pocket twice to remove the poison-filled pen while questioning the witness near the end of the episode.

JAG; Lieutenant Vukovic; Lieutenant Graves

Season Four

Innocence ~ In the scene when he first interviews the ensign accused of rape and when he meets the Japanese Prosecutor, Harm is wearing his MIA bracelet, but he packed it up in "Embassy", the preceding episode. (From Sara)

~ About twenty minutes into the episode, after the party at the American Embassy in Japan, when Mac is reading the newspaper outside, her medal is on straight. Then when they walk into the courtroom, it is falling off and stays that way as they make their way over to where the client and the Japanese lawyer are standing. There is a conversation (a cut away to just Harm and the sailor on trial) and then all of the sudden it is back on straight only to be hanging there again in the next close up shot of Harm. (From TC)

Webb of Lies ~ Harm reaches in to get his cell phone twice while talking with Jordan outside of the hospital morgue.

Yeah, Baby ~ You can see someone in the bedroom with Chloe when she goes to change into her pajamas. However, there is some debate on whether this is just Mac's reflection in the picture frame glass or if it's someone elses and, therefore, a blooper.

JAG; Petty Officer 1st Class Coates; Mattie Grace johnson

Season Five

Rules of Engagement ~ Harm (who's designator was changed to fighter pilot) is seen with a JAG insignia on his collar. He should just be wearing his rank insgnia. (From Tom)

Front and Center ~ Mac kisses Harm on the cheek and then the admiral hands Harm a handkerchief to wipe his cheek to get the lipstick off. Harm wipes the lipstick off and gives it back to the admiral. Then we see a shot with Harm with the lipstick on his cheek, but after a short shot to Mac, the lipstick on Harm's cheek is gone again. (From fr4tz.)

Rogue ~ The house used for the exterior shots of Admiral Kly's home is the same one used in later seasons for Bud and Harriet's house. (Added 12/19/06)

Boomerang ~ There are two scenes where Brumby is wearing the stripes of a full commander. The first one, in Part I, when Mac arrives at the airport with the dead body of Seaman Dunsmore. The second one, in Part II, is when Mic and Harm want to fight with each other in front of the Supreme Court.

People vs. Gunny ~ Mac walks into her office and stands by the window. We see her changing the ring she got from Mic from her right hand to her left hand, just to see how it looks, but if you look real close, you first see her bringing her *right* hand to her left, probably to take off the ring she usually wears on her left hand, but when the shot closes in on her hands, suddenly she has her *left* hand on her right hand to take of the ring from Mic and put it on the other hand...That doesn't make sense, because the ring on her left hand just disappeared. (From Rachelle)

The Witches of Gulfport ~ When Mac is entering the courtroom to testify, the lapel of her shirt is outside her uniform, however when the camera changes angles and looks at Mac as she's being sworn in, her collar is perfect. (From Dan)

JAG; Petty Officer 1st Class Tiner; Gunnery Sergeant Galindez

Season Six

Legacy ~ You can see CB's tattoo when she gets out of the car to visit the house where Mark Sokol is.

Florida Straits ~ When Mic shows up at Mac's apartment, they kiss. In the full view, we see Mic's arm around Mac's shoulder, but when we go back to close up, his arm is hanging at his side. (Added 8/05)

Killer Instinct ~ Harm introduced himself as lieutenant commander, but he is wearing scrambled eggs on his cover ie, a commander.

Lifeline ~ When Renee and Mic are talking at the piano while Harm and Mac are on the porch, from outside the window Renee is leaning on her right elbow. When the shot moves to inside, she is leaning on her left elbow.

~ Admiral Chegwidden's house is shown as being in "MacLean, Virginia." The correct spelling, as seen in other episodes, is "McLean." (From Karen)

Adrift, Part 1 ~ When they pull Lieutenant Hawkes onto the rescue helo, they refer to her as Commander Hawkes one time. (From Elizabeth)

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie

Season Seven

Adrift, Part 2 ~ The opening date says May 19, 2001. But at the end of season 6, the wedding was scheduled for May 26, 2001. ~ You can see CB's ankle tattoo when she walks up to Mic and sits on the bench beside him in the JAG office hallway.

Measure of Men ~ When Harm is riding on the rubber boat he starts off by sitting on the right side, but is suddenly transformed to sitting on the left for the duration of his ride. (From Elizabeth) ~ There is a scene where Mac comes out on the deck of the ship to talk to the skipper about the investigation she is doing. She comes out the door and just stands there to talk to him. At this point she does not have the insignia on her collar. (From Debbie) ~ When the byline comes up for the cemetery where the admiral finds his goddaughter, cemetery is misspelled.

Guilt ~ One of the outdoor shots of the buildings has Mac's car parked in front even though she's TAD in the Indian Ocean and has been for two months. ~ Harriet is wearing lieutenant, j. g. stripes when she is on the witness stand, when she should be wearing full lieutenant stripes.

Jagathon ~ When Gunny and Tiner are jogging and the pretty girls are jogging toward them, the girl on the left has on long jogging pants. When Gunny and Tiner fall down and the girls jog past, that girl has on short shorts.

Answered Prayers ~ Harm and Singer are talking plea bargain regarding the female PO and Singer says, "Sixty days plus reduction in rate to E4." The client is a Petty Officer 3rd Class - already E4. (From Teri)

Code of Conduct ~ When AJ finally talks to the press, you can see Mac standing on the front steps, and then Sturgis walks up behind her in the background. Then while AJ is talking, they show a close up of Mac and Sturgis walks up behind her again.

First Casualty ~ The Marine at the security gate saluted with his left hand. Every service member salutes with their right hand unless their right hand is broken, or if they are a Bosun in the performance of his duties.

Port Chicago ~ Harm was out of uniform while fixing the Roberts' refrigerator. It isn't that his shirt was undone, but rather he should've had an undershirt on. (From Shaz and JJ)

~ The house used for Bud and Harriet's new house was also featured in the season five episode, Rogue.

Tribunal ~ When Harm stands to call Mustafa to the stand, the chair next to him is empty. However, after AJ objects, they go to the long shot of their backs and Mac is sitting in the chair to Harm's left, however, Mac is supposedly in Afghanistan.

~ When Mac is taken hostage, her hat is knocked off when the knife is at her throat. But in the shot with the camera facing Gunny, Mac is wearing her hat. When the camera is facing Mac, her hat is not there. (From Carole)

In Country ~ When Harm and Mac are driving through the tolls, Mac is behind the wheel, but when they get out of the Humvee at the village Harm steps out of the driver's side.

~ When Harm falls out of the Humvee and hits the ground, his hat is still on his head but after the commercial break, his hat is sitting a few feet away and he picks it up when he walks toward the Humvee.

Enemy Below ~ When Kabir is in the sub, he has two brown eyes instead of one blue and one brown.

~ The scene where Harm and Mac are in the Humvee and she is sleeping: If you look at the scene when it first starts, the camera shows an aerial view of the Humvee and Mac isn't sleeping. She is sitting straight up and the next shot is her slumped down sleeping. (From Carla)

~ When Harm and Mac drive into the Afghan town that was exposed to radiation, the town is spelled QUARQIN, but when Harm and Mac arrive at the triage center, the town is spelled QARQIN, no "U." (From Donna)

~ In the shot after Bud steps on the mine, in the last scene he goes flying through the air. As he turns, you can see that he still has both legs, but when the camera shows the aerial view, his right one has obviously been blown off. (From Alex)

JAG; Commander Turner

Season Eight

Critical Condition ~ In the scene when Coates tells Harm and Mac that she is going to hurl, Harm's cover is on the soda machine behind him. The camera goes to a shot of the two women and when it focuses on Harm again, the cover is gone.

~ The admiral is talking to Harriet about having Tiner drive her home after receiving the info on Bud's injury. There are several shots of them talking with the admiral shown without a hat tucked under his left armpit, then all of a sudden there is a hat stuck in his armpit. (From Vicki)

The Promised Land ~ In the scene where Harm and Mac are asking Corporal Mars about his fiancee and the last time he talked to her, Harm says, "Leslie Rosenbaum said it was May 27." The three of them have a discussion, then Mac asks, "Corporal, did you speak to Leslie Rosenbaum on March 27?" (From Tina S.)

Dangerous Game ~ There are two shots of the deputy chasing the SEAL team where the footage is backwards/reversed, starting at fifty-four seconds into opening scene. 1) The deputy's car swerves off the road onto graveled shoulder. 2) The deputy's car is getting back on to the road from graveled shoulder. In both of these shots, the deputy is driving from the right side of the car and you can also see the license plate digits go from two digits - space - four digits to four digits - space - two digits. There wasn't another person in the car and, even though the deputy is NOT wearing a seat belt like he should have been, he was not sliding across the seat to the right while driving from the left side. (From Vicki)

A Tangled Webb ~ Mac says that she has a scar on her left leg from where a poacher stabbed her (Full Engagement in season 2), but she wasn't stabbed, she was shot.

~ In the last scene with Gunny, Clay, Mac, and Harm together, you can see people behind the camera. After Gunny says goodbye to Mac, he gets into the car and turns on the ignition, when he starts driving, you can see the cameraman and the person holding the microphone in the window of the jeep.

JAG; Bud Roberts; Harriet Sims

Season Nine

Pulse Rate ~ In the end scene, when Harm and Mac were at the elevator, Mac, shot from behind, holds the door with her right arm. But when we see her from the front, her left arm is by the elevator door. (From fr4t)

JAG; Rear Admiral Chegwidden; Major General Cresswell

Season Ten

There are currently no bloopers documented from season ten. If you know of any please email Jen.