JAG Timeline

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JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie

Here is a time line that has been pieced together based on JAG episode canon, scripts, and fan information:

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


AJ is born. (Reasonable guesstimate based on info from 'Soul Searching'. He could have been born a year or two earlier than that though.)

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


AJ graduates high school where he was a star pitcher. He is drafted in the second round by the Cleveland Indians, but passes on a career in baseball to attend the Naval Academy. (Info about high school from 'The Mission'. Date is guesstimate based on year of birth and entering Academy at age 18.)

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


October 25, Harm is born. ('The Prisoner')

Sturgis is born, date unknown. (In 'Answered Prayer' Sturgis tells a story about cleaning a chapel floor as punishment for taking a bicycle, the year was extrapolated out based on that information.)

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


AJ graduates from the Academy as an ensign and joins the SEALs, where he is sent to Vietnam. (Date is guesstimate based on earlier assumptions.)

Harm, Sr. serves his first tour of Vietnam on board the USS Hornet, according to third season episode 'Ghost Ship'.

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


Mac is born. (Based on calculations from 'Second Sight')

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


AJ is a young lieutenant in the SEALs in Vietnam. ('Soul Searching') (This is where the 'guesstimate' of his birth year came from. AJ says he was a young lieutenant. That could mean either a lieutenant, j.g. or a full lieutenant, as both are referred to the same way. Because of the 'age issue' addressed earlier, the assumption was made that he was a lieutenant, j.g. That is an automatic rank he would have gotten after two years.)

AJ marries Marcella, the daughter of the mayor of Naples. (Again - a guesstimate. AJ tells Mac in 'Adrift, Part 1' that he was 24 and sober when he married Marcella, so in keeping with the assumption that he had just made lieutenant, j.g. in 1968 at age 24, then this would also have been the year he married Marcella.)

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


December 24, Lieutenant Harmon Rabb, Senior was shot down over Vietnam. Harm was six, although he tells Jenny Lake in 'Ghosts of Christmas Past' that he was five. ('Ghosts of Christmas Past')

Bud is born. ('Dog Robber, Part 1' ~ Harm tells Bud to add six years to his age to arrive at the number thity-eight in his 'code' over the phone in Nov. 2001, which would make Bud thirty-two when the episode aired.)

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


Most likely when AJ made full lieutenant (Again assuming he was a lieutenant, j.g. in 1968 - Krennick tells Harm in 'Smoked' that AJ rose rapidly through the ranks. He would have had to spend a minimum of two years as a lieutenant, j.g. before making full lieutenant, so assumptions were made from her comments that he was promoted at the earliest opportunity based on his stellar service record in Vietnam - Navy Cross, Bronze Star, Purple Heart.)

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


AJ's daughter, Francesca, is born. (In 'Going After Francesca', which aired in September 1998, Marcella tells AJ that she has kept Francesca safe for 26 years, which could mean since her birth or since the divorce.)

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


Sometime in this time frame, Marcella divorces AJ. She marries Vittorio Paretti in 1978. (In 'Going After Francesca', Marcella refers to Vittorio as her husband of 20 years.)

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


AJ leaves the SEALs and transfers to Surface Warfare, serving aboard the Farragut. (In 'With Intent to Die', AJ tells Harm he left the SEALs after Vietnam, which ended in 1973, so we assume he left within a year of the ending of that conflict.)

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


AJ is promoted to lieutenant commander. (Another guesstimate - he would have to have spent about five years as a full lieutenant before being eligible for promotion to lieutenant commander, so the assumption is again made that he was promoted as soon as he became eligible because of Krennick's comments on his career.)

Sturgis is twelve, takes a bicycle without permission and has to clean the chapel floor with a toothbrush as punishment. ('Answered Prayers')

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


It was somewhere in this time frame that AJ most likely commanded the destroyer. Destroyer captains are generally lieutenant commanders.

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


Harm is 16 and runs away to Vietnam. ('Deja Vu') (However, this could be in 1978 because Harm said that he went to look for his father, "the summer I turned 16; His birthday is in October, so if he meant the summer before, it would be 1978; if he meant the summer after, it would be 1979.)

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


AJ is promoted to commander. (Another guesstimate that assumes that AJ was promoted as soon as he became eligible.)

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


In this time frame, AJ gave up his destroyer command, transferred out of Surface Warfare, and went to law school.

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


Mac is 15 and her mother leaves home. ('Second Sight')

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


Mac is 17 and leaves home. ('Second Sight')

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


Mac graduates from high school. Her friend Eddie dies and her Uncle Matt takes her to Red Rock Mesa to dry out. ('Full Engagement')

Mac is 18 and marries Chris. ('Adrift, Part 2')

In June, Harmon Rabb, Jack Keeter, Sturgis Turner, and Luke Pendry graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland. Harm, Keeter, and Pendry subsequently report to Pensacola, Florida to begin flight school, while Sturgis joins the 'silent service' of the submariners.

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


Mac is 19. According to a certificate on the set wall of her office, she gets her Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Minnesota; obviously this does not fit but has not been mentioned on a JAG episode so is not official canon.

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


In July, AJ defended Corporal Farmer on murder charges. Farmer was found guilty and sentenced to death. Mac would later handle his appeal.

In September, according to the certificate on the wall in his office at the set, AJ made admiral then. This is not canon and is not possible according to canon, since it was stated on the show that the admiral was a commander at the time he defended Corporal Farmer. He still needed to make captain first.

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


AJ is promoted three times - from commander to captain to rear admiral, lower half to rear admiral, upper half. During this time frame, he served as head of JAG in the Pacific. AJ would have been promoted to a two-star admiral when he was reassigned from JAG in the Pacific to become the JAG.

Rear Admiral AJ Chegwidden becomes the new Judge Advocate General. ('Smoked')

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


Harm is 28; he has a ramp strike in which his RIO dies. (Three years in law school + four years at JAG. That would put him starting law school in 1992 based on the calculations from 'Yeah, Baby' and 'Full Engagement'.)

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie

1991 or 1992

Mac serves in Okinawa, Japan. ('People vs. Mac') (Chris followed her there after he got out of prison and he had been in prison for five years.)

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


Mac gets her law degree from Duke University at some point during these years, but after she transferred out of Okinawa and before she served in Bosnia. ('The Good of the Service' and 'Act of Terror')

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


Harm is a lieutenant at JAG HQ.

Bud is an ensign, serving as Public Affairs Officer on the USS Seahawk ('JAG: A New Life' {the pilot episode})

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


Mac is 29 and in Bosnia. ('We the People')

Harm is 33 and promoted to lieutenant commander. ('Defensive Action')

Rear Admiral (upper half) A.J. Chegwidden becomes the Judge Advocate General of the Navy, after serving as the head of JAG-Pacific (presumably in Pearl Harbor). ('Smoked')

In June, Diane Schonke, Harm's girlfriend, is murdered. ('Skeleton Crew')

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


Harm is 34.

Mac is 30. ('We the People')

In January, Bud transfers to JAG HQ and he's now a lieutenant, j.g. His replacement on the USS Seahawk as the Public Affairs Officer is Ensign Harriet Sims. ('We the People' and 'Crossing the Line')

In February, Harriet is reassigned to Norfolk as the Assistant to the Public Information Officer. ('Washington Holiday')

Also in February, AJ's girlfriend, Judge Laura Delany, is killed right in front of him. ('Ghosts')

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


Mac is 31.

In March, Mac falls off the wagon temporarily...('The Stalker')

In March, Bud and Harriet get engaged. ('Tiger, Tiger')

In May, Bud and Harriet get married. ('Wedding Bell Blues')

In November, Lieutenant Commander Mic Brumby joined the JAG team as an exchange officer from the Royal Australian Navy.

Mac's husband of twelve years shows up. ('Mr. Rabb Goes to Washington', 'People vs Mac') He is accidentally killed by Mac in a tussle with a gun.

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


In February, Harriet is promoted to lieutenant, j.g. ('Rivers' Run')

In April, Bud is promoted to full lieutenant. ('The Adversaries')

In April, Mac's father dies. ('Second Sight')

Also in April, Harm's has laser surgery on his eyes. ('Second Sight')

In May, Harm's returns to flight status and carrier duty. ('Good-Byes')

In May, Bud and Harriet's first child, A.J. Roberts is born. ('Yeah Baby')

During the summer, Harriet went off active duty to reserve duty. ('King of the Greenie Board')

In the late summer or early fall, Mac is promoted to lieutenant colonel. ('King of the Greenie Board')

In October, Harm returns to JAG and turns 36. ('The Return')

In November, Harm is promoted to commander. ('Contemptuous Words')

Late in the year, Lieutenant Commander Brumby is called back to Austrailia.

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


In February, while the gang is in Australia, Mic Brumby gives Mac a diamond ring. She accepts it, but wears it on her right hand. ('Boomerang, Part 2')

In May, Mic Brumby returns to the U.S. to pursue Mac's affections. ('Surface Warfare')

In October, Harm comes face to face with a Russian half-brother he never knew he had. ('Legacy, Part 1')

In November, Bud and Harriet's second child, Sarah Roberts, dies at birth. ('The Princess & the Petty Officer')

In December, Mic gives Mac an ultimatum: either she moves the ring and they become officially engaged or he goes back to Australia. She moves the ring. ('Family Secrets')

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


In January, Harriet returns to active duty. ('Touch and Go')

In May, Harriet is promoted to full lieutenant. ('Lifeline')

Also in May, Harm's fighter jet goes down. ('Adrift, Part 1')

Again in May, Mac's wedding to Mic Brumby is scheduled. ('Adrift, Part 1')

In May or June, Mic indefinitely postpones his and Mac's wedding and then breaks it off for good and returns to Australia. ('Adrift, Part 2')

In October, Commander Sturgis Turner is transferred to JAG HQ. ('New Gun In Town')

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


In March, Bud begins a six-month deployment aboard the USS Seahawk. ('First Casualty')

In May, Bud gets his leg blown off by a landmine and returns to the U.S. for rehabiltaion. ('Enemy Below')

In June, Lieutenant Singer is sent to the USS Seahawk as Bud's replacement. ('Family Business')

In October, Lieutenant Singer is found pregnant and must return to land duty. ('When the Bough Breaks')

In December, Harriet and Bud find out that they're expecting baby number three. ('All Ye Faithful')

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


During the winter, Lieutenant Singer leaves town. ('Meltdown')

In May, Lieutenant Singer's body is found in a tree along the Potomac River after the spring thaw. Harm is accused of her murder. ('Ice Queen' & 'Meltdown')

Also in May, Harm marries CIA lawyer Catherine Gale. Okay, it was a pretend wedding for her mother's sake. ('Pas de Deux')

Again in May, Harm resigns his commission in order to go after Mac, who has gone on an undercover mission with Clayton Webb. ('A Tangled Webb')

Sometime during the early summer, Harm goes to work for the CIA after the admiral actually processes his paperwork. ('A Tangled Webb, Part 2')

Sometime in the fall, Mac begins a relationship with Clayton Webb. (In one of the fall episodes, Mac comments in passing that she and Clay have been seeing one another.)

In October, we are introduced to the newest member of the Roberts family: James Kirk Roberts. ('Secret Agent Man')(As this episode aired early in October, it's possible that the baby was born at the end of September - we just aren't privvy to that info.)

In October, Harm meets Mattie Grace, a teen living on her own after her mother's death and her father's abandonment. ('Back In the Saddle')

In December, Harm becomes Mattie's legal guardian. ('A Merry Little Christmas')

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


In May, AJ retires from the Navy to spend time with his daughter while visiting all the major league ballparks. ('Hail and Farewell')

Also in May, Mac has surgery for endometriosis and is told that her chances of conceiving a child are less than 5%. ('Hail and; Farewell')

And again in May, Harriet announces her separation from the Navy as she's expecting again. ('Hail and Farewell')

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie


In late January or early February, Harriet gives birth to twins. (In 'Straits of Malacca', Harriet and Bud have a get-together to celebrate the twins' arrival. This ep aired on 2/25 so one can assume they are no more than two or three weeks old.)

In April, Harm gets promoted to captain and offered the position of Force Judge Advocate, Naval Forces Europe. ('Fair Winds and Following Seas')

Also in April, Mac is offered command of a new unit: Joint Legal Services, Southwest, in San Diego. ('Fair Winds and Following Seas')

Also in April, Harm and Mac finally have a conversation and Harm proposes. Based on the outcome of a coin-toss, one of them will resign their commission and follow the other to the new posting. ('Fair Winds and Following Seas')

JAG; Harmon Rabb, Junior; Sarah MacKenzie

Thanks to Rising Sun for getting this started, the 'JMJAS' for AJ info, Becky and the 'Mac on JAG' site for compiling the information, and many others for their contributions.