Trial Stats ~ Harm vs. Mac

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Site Note: This information has been updated to include all information through season ten.

JAG; Captain Harmon Rabb; Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie

Over the course of the series, Harm and Mac have opposed each other in court thirty-six times. The record is eighteen wins for Harm and, if you are being generous, five wins for Mac. However, if you are being realistic Mac has only beaten Harm twice. The remaining thirteen cases were split, settled, or no decisions.

JAG; Captain Harmon Rabb; Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie

Harm's Wins ~ 18

Season 2: Rendezvous
Season 3: Clipped Wings
Season 4: Act of Terror
Season 5: Rules of Engagement, Mishap, Life or Death, Body Talk
Season 6: A Separate Peace
Season 7: Odd Man Out, Defending His Honor
Season 8: Family Business, Offensive Action
Season 9: Posse Comitatus, Crash, Take it Like a Man, Fighting Words
Season 10: Corporate Raiders, This Just In From Baghdad

Mac's Wins ~ 5

Season 5: Real Deal Seal*
Season 7: Jagathon*, Hero Worship
Season 9: A Girl's Best Friend
Season 10: Fit For Duty*

*No punishment was awarded and, for all practical purposes, Harm's client got off the hook.

Split Decisions ~ 4

Season 5: Psychic Warrior, Promises
Season 7: The Measure of Men
Season 10: Camp Delta

In each case, Harm defended and got his client off on the more significant charge.

Settled ~ 4

Season 3: Blind Side - this is implied since Harm sabotaged his own case but said that Mac's client still faced disciplinary proceedings
Season 6: Flight Risk - Harm's client pled guilty in exchange for reduced time
Season 8: Dangerous Games, Complications

Charges Dropped ~ 5

Season 2: Heroes
Season 3: Court-martial of Sandra Gilbert
Season 9: Good Intentions, Trojan Horse
Season 10: The Sixth Juror

The charges were dropped usually because Harm figured out the truth.